Friday, March 30, 2012

Cul de Poule and The Choco Story

Saturday was a lazy day, and we got a late start on our self-guided walk of another part of our neighborhood.  We browsed the wonderful shops of the market street Rue des Martyrs

and wondered how in the world the French are so slender with all this tempation surrounding them!

We succumbed to a box of these gorgeous strawberries (below), but realized too late that they cost a small fortune -- almost 15 euros!  (Frank may never recover.)

Eating lunch in a French restaurant is one of Anne's favorite things to do, so we headed for the "Cul de Poule" (which literally means "the hen's ass").  Much better than the name implies, we ate a fabulous meal of Sea Bass and Pasta, seated underneath, what else?  A hen's butt mounted on the wall above us!

After lunch we worked our way down to a chocolate museum called "The Choco Story."  This was actually a fascinating museum describing the history of chocolate from the time of the Aztecs and Mayans who valued chocolate so highly that they used cocoa beans as their currency.  They even worshipped a cocoa goddess!

The museum also offered a demonstration of how pralines (chocolates with fillings like hazelnut cream) are made.

And of course, we got to taste the finished product - some chocolates freshly-made in their demo room!  In our wanderings about this chocolate museum, we discovered that chocolate has more antioxidents (cancer fighting mechanisms) than both tea and wine put together. We were so happy to discover that we could  now justify our new addiction to chocolate!!

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