Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chateau de Vincennes

One of the most amazing things about Chateau de Vincennes is how unvisited it is despite the fact that it is just an easy Metro ride from anywhere in Paris.  In fact, when you climb the stairs at the end of Metro Line #1, the main tower of this medieval castle is right in front of you.  There is almost no work to do to see this fabulous sight! It almost feels as if you have arrived in Disneyland, but this is the real deal!

Chateau de Vincennes was built in the 14th c. by King Charles V, also known as Charles the Wise because he loved learning and had a vast personal library.  The castle was also used as a refuge by Anne of Austria to protect her young son Louis XIV until he came of age.  Unfortunately, Louis moved the royal court to Versailles and Vincennes fell into obscurity. 

The castle is an impressive structure and we enjoyed roaming the ramparts, but there is not much to see inside. 

We ate lunch at a friendly pizzeria across the street from the chateau (Anne thinks French pizza is even better than in Italy), hopped on the Metro, and were back in mainstream Paris in about 15 minutes.

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