Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Musee de la Musique

Paris has so many world class sights that you may not realize how many lesser known places are out there.  One of the best "lesser knowns" is this one: the "Music Museum".  This well-designed museum has one of the largest instrument collections in the world with 1,000 instruments and art objects on display.  Plus the excellent audio guide provides a wonderful, music-filled experience.

The museum traced the history of music with gorgeous instruments like this beautifully hand-painted harpsichord with inlaid semi-precious stone on the sides:

Instruments were grouped by type so you could see how each instrument evolved.  The audio guide explained how the instruments developed over time and offered gorgeous musical selections highlighting the special qualities of each instrumental group.

The collection is quite eclectic with Stradivarius violins:

Unique instruments like these oboes:

And the largest instrument you are ever likely to see: this oversized bass that is played by standing on the wooden box to the left and adjusting a set of levers:

We spent 3 hours in this delightful museum and didn't come close to seeing (and hearing it all)!

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